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Florida - Seminole - Black Hammock Wilderness Area

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Florida - Seminole County - Black Hammock Wilderness Area





Access Points


The primary parking area for the Black Hammock Wilderness Area is the eastern end of Howard Avenue in the Black Hammock. Access is relatively easy, Howard Ave. runs parallel to Florida avenue through the Black Hammock north of Oviedo Florida. Google Map to the parking area of the BHWA. 





From the parking area it is a nice hike through the boardwalked trail named after Jim Logue (Jim Logue Way). Jim was an outstanding protector of the Black Hammock area. This trail has some nice biking and hiking. After about a mile you come out into some open areas that are frequented by local horseback riders. The single track is pretty good in the south part of the trail. Also the far west trail leading to Packard Road is also pretty good single track.













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