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Florida - Seminole - Little Big Econlockhatchee State Forest

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 Little Big Econlockhatchee State Forest 





The Little Big Econ State Forest has a number of trailheads that are accessible from multiple locations. The Barr Street trailhead has some of the best hiking in this area of Florida and is accessible off SR 426 1 mile northeast of the intersection of SR 426 and Lockwood Blvd near Oviedo. The Flagler Trail trailhead is accessible on the south side from Snow Hill Road and on the north side at the Geneva Wilderness Area. Snow Hill road has entrances to both the bike trails area and also the horseback areas. And this is just the primary tract of the WA.















  • Hiking - great hiking trails leading out from Barr Street trailhead. This is also some of the best trail running in Central Florida.
  • Mountain Biking - Great single track riding from Snow Hill Mountain Bike Trails
  • Horseback riding - A horse trailer area is on the Snow Hill main entrance with miles of horse trails.
  • Paddling - The Econlockhatchee River flow right through this area with incredibly scenic paddling. Putins are at SR 419 and Snow Hill Road. For an incredible paddling adventure put in at Snow Hill Road and head downstream to the St. Johns River and then downstream again (through Puzzle Lake) to the SR 46 bridge.




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