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Florida - Volusia County - Spruce Creek Preserve

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Doris Leeper Spruce Creek Preserve 


One of the many trail stops 

Spruce Creek is a unique, natural blackwater stream that courses through the Spruce Creek Basin. There are few examples of this type of river left undisturbed in Florida. The term "blackwater" refers to the tannic acid staining caused by the swampy vegetation in the low-lying upper reaches of the creek.. The navigable portion of the river itself begins as a shallow cypress swamp some 10 miles upstream from its’ confluence with the Halifax river. This swamp gives way to a narrow stream that very gradually broadens downstream into Strickland Bay. As the river courses towards the coast, the associated aquatic habitats gradually change from typical freshwater hardwood swamp to freshwater marsh to saltwater marsh and mangrove swamp in a classic estaurine ecosystem. Spruce Creek enjoys a Class III water quality rating, and Outstanding Florida Waters designation due to its relatively undisturbed condition, and is also designated as an official State Canoe trail. Source






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Image Sources: Spruce Creek Mountain Bike Association


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