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Dog Parks



Your dogs have a new reason to be happy to live in the Miami-Dade county area;

 dog owners can now stroll, run and play with their dogs at 10 neighborhood

 Dog Friendly Parks, so long as their dogs are on a leash.  In addition,

 there are bag dispensers and waste baskets for dog owners to pick-up after

 their beloved furry friends (See rules).

  Designated Dog Parks are usually located within a larger park and allow

 dogs to frolic and play and run free within a fenced-off area.  They

 feature site furniture and equipment for dogs to play with and perform

 stunts.  Additional features include shade structures, hosing stations,

 water fountains for both pets and owners, and “Mutt Mitts” or bag dispensers

 and waste baskets, so owners can pick up after their pooches (a.k.a. dogs).


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