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Iowa-Muscatine County-Wildcat Den State Park

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Wildcat Den State Park



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Waterfall at Wildcat Den State Park 




Map of Park 

(Hover over Campground, Old Mill, Wildcat Den State Park, and Wildcat Den Cave for links)

Wildcat Den State Park Map  



Facilities and Activities




  • Wildcat Den State Park offers a variety of picnic settings ideal for a pleasant outdoor cookout. There are two open shelters available and may be reserved online through the park reservation system.




  • Wildcat Den State Park is a great place for a family to "get away from it all" for a weekend or a family vacation. The campground has 28 campsites and non-modern rest room facilities. Advance campsite reservations can be made online through the park reservation system. Half of the campsites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Camping is also available at Fairport Recreation Area.





  • One of the major features of Wildcat Den State Park is its trail system. Trails wind through a variety of terrain and lead to such fascinating sites as "Steamboat Rock," "Devil's Punch Bowl," and " Fat Man's Squeeze." The beautiful bluffs and rock outcroppings provide spectacular views to hikers.


  • Pine Creek Grist Mill at Wildcat Den State Park.


  • Wildcat Den State Park is one of the most unique in Iowa, combining natural beauty and solitude, preservation of historical structures, trails, camping and picnic areas for recreational use.


  • One of the focal points of the park is the Pine Creek Grist Mill located in the eastern part of the park on Pine Creek. The mill was built in 1848 by Benjamin Nye, one of Muscatine County's first settlers who also built the county's first store and post office in 1838. The Pine Creek Grist Mill is one of the finest examples of mid nineteenth century mills left in the country and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Friends of Pine Creek Grist Mill and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is working to restore the mill to its original condition. The "turn of the century" Melpine Schoolhouse is located near the mill and offers park visitors another glimpse of Iowa's past. To learn more about the mill, the Melpine Schoolhouse, and the work of the Friends of Pine Creek Grist Mill, visit their website at www.pinecreekgristmill.com.


  • A portion of the park was donated to the state by the Brandt sisters who actually lived there at one time. A bronze tablet dedicated to their memory has been placed in sandstone in a lovely setting where centuries-old pine trees line 75-foot cliffs.




Fairport Recreation Area

  • For a different type of camping experience, why not try the Fairport Recreation Area Campground located 6 miles away from Wildcat Den State Park on Highway 22. Fairport is located right on the Mississippi River. For more information about Fairport Recreation Area visit their website at Fairport Recreation Area.



Nearby Towns

  • Muscatine, Iowa , is located 10 miles west of Wildcat Den. Davenport, third largest city in Iowa, is located 15 miles east of the park.



Pictures of Different Areas of the Park


  • The Old Mill  

Wildcat Den State Park Old Mill Picture 




  • The Cave 

Wildcat Den State Park Cave Picture



Contact Information

1884 Wildcat Den Road

Muscatine, IA 52761

ph. 563/263-4337

fax. 563/264-8329

E-mail address: Wildcat_Den@dnr.iowa.gov

E-mail address for Fairport Station: Fairport@dnr.iowa.gov




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