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New York - Erie County - Albert Ravel

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Erie County










Buffalo, New York



General Information

Erie County is home to the Buffalo Bills football team, the Buffalo Sabres hockey team, the Buffalo Bandits lacrosse team, the Buffalo Bisons minor league baseball team, and the Buffalo Silverbacks, a basketball team in the American Basketball Association. The city also features a zoo, a botanical garden, a science museum, an historical museum, and the famous Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

The Erie County Fair, now called America's Fair, held every August in the Town of Hamburg, is the second largest fair in the country.

Plans to merge Erie County with the City of Buffalo have been suggested, which would eliminate much of the extensive bureaucracy and political and municipal subdivisions among the various towns, cities, and villages in the county. The result would be a consolidated city-county controlled by a single government, effectively making Buffalo's borders and population contiguous with Erie County's. These plans have proven very controversial; opposition has come from the rural villages on the borders of Erie County, which feel the plan would not benefit them, and the suburbs, which want to avoid the financial troubles of Buffalo and Erie County while simultaneously benefiting from the amenities of close proximity to a large population base.




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