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Primal Quest Montana - Trek 2 - Gallatin Range

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Primal Quest Montana - Trek 2

Gallatin Range - Team Blue


This started with an easy road walk from the TA to the trail leading up Telephone Ridge. It quickly became a very challenging trek as telephone ridge trail was essentially gone and was all snow and deadfalls.





This section shows the climbup the rige. The snow completely obscured the trail and the snowmelt made verything cold and wet. To find CP11 we dropped to the correct altitude and contoured to teh strema trail crossing. There were three teams there when we got there. The trek down WHeeler gulch was quite interesting and steep - we were able to GLissade some sections of this - but we had a huge climb back south up the other side of hte mountain to the Fox Creek Cabin and from there it was more up.





We finally passed History Rock - more climb and then dropped back down to the trailhead at the road. There we took a break and ate. It was hot with no shade so we did not stay long. It was north on the road to the next trailhead and then more up!  fter topping the ridge we did a very steep downhill - that was originally intended for bikes. It would have been an intense downhill bike. From there it was north to Mystic Lake. We met a cool mountain biker who gave us some local insight.




After Mystic Lake we were in a really strange terrain, with lots of ups and downs. We passed the Bear Lakes area and were traveling with a couple of other teams. Going was slow here - the team was tired and we were not organizing ourselves well.





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