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When the British left in 1785, the meager beginnings of a plantation capital fell into ruin and did not flourish again until the Spanish land grants of the early 1800's brought planters from the Bahamas. Spain was in possession of Florida from 1783 to 1821 when it became a United States Territory.
James and George Anderson, benefactors of the Spanish land grants, came to Ormond and settled an area that had been a British plantation of earlier times Mount Oswald. The Dumettes had also settled in Ormond, taking the land grant that included "Rosetta Plantation," former holding of the Moultrie family during British occupation


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History and Culture
In the early 1600s, Spanish explorers found Indians living here in a village called Nocoroco. Although nothing remains of the village, shell middens mounds of oyster and snail shells from decades of Native American meals reach 40 feet high at the river bank. This land became a state park in 1945.


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