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Pond Mountain Trail

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Pond Mountain Trail


Pond Mountain Trail


Pond Mountain Trail is located quite a long drive from Bristol but what a great place for hiking it is. Time to get out and breathe some fresh air, and Pond Mountain Trail in Carter County, Tennessee is a perfect place for getting out. No chance of getting bored in Tennessee if you like the outdoors. You simply must have a thing about Pond Mountain Trail. In the event that you don’t have a problem getting dripping wet, you can always go whitewater paddling on Doe River. Lots of people from Bristol come to Pond Mountain Trail, and Maple Springs Branch is in the vicinity of Pond Mountain Trail and is always a joy to have a look at. During the summertime months at Pond Mountain Trail temperatures are regularly in the 80's. Summer night lows plunge down to the 60's. Daytime highs throughout the wintertime are in the 40's, and during the dark hours in the wintertime at Pond Mountain Trail temperatures plunge to the 20's. There's so much to do here at Pond Mountain Trail that you need to camp here for a while, Dennis Cove Campground is a wonderful place for that; Pierce Spring is always fun to check out. Brushy Ridge Gap is a splendid place to explore right next door to Pond Mountain Trail, and there's some flowing water nearby, Plot Branch is a stream you can visit during your stay. From a precipitation point of view Pond Mountain Trail is a pretty normal place; most of the rain falls throughout July, and the driest of the months is October. Stay the night at Cardens Bluff Campground, and a wonderful place for whitewater paddling is Doe River - Laurel Fork.

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